Wonderful Week

There’s been a lot going on lately. One is that I’m finally getting the eczema under control! When I was at Whole Foods the other day I saw and picked up some simple cotton gloves. They are just what I’ve been hoping to find. For the last few nights I’ve been using the Magic Stick on all the areas and then slip the gloves on and go to bed. There is such an improvement each morning that I am amazed each time. It seems that right now it just needs lots of moisturizer.

The hair still looks great. I’m still fine-tuning the no ‘poo a tiny bit since there’s less hair. But it hasn’t needed much change. I am finding that I can go an extra day between washings, if needed, and it still doesn’t look too bad. The style helps that a lot.

But today was a momentous occasion. Yesterday morning I finally ran out of my Colgate Total toothpaste. That was the last personal care product that was not natural. This morning I used Kiss My Face Sensitive Aloe Vera toothpaste! It has a different taste than any other toothpaste I’ve ever used. But I will definately use the tube up. Once it’s gone I’ll figure out whether I want to keep using it or switch to a different brand.

All in all, quite the good week. I’m really looking forward to the weekend, but I’ll tell you about that on Monday. Have a green weekend!


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