My Life: Diet – Drink



Current: Plenty of water, tea, and occasional kombucha. Occasionally pop, alcohol.
Goal: No pop unless there’s no other choice. Kombucha on a regular basis. Organic and sustainable alcholol whenever possible.

Old Pepsi Logo
(C) Pepsi

I’m actually pretty happy with what I drink right now. I have my two-27oz. Klean Kanteens that I fill up every morning from the water filter pitcher in the fridge for work. I drink Tazo teas, mainly their Organic Iced Green Tea, every weekend and recycle the bottles. I am working on getting back into having at least one large bottle of kombucha on the weekends as well. Sometimes I do get in the mood for a Pepsi or a rootbeer, but they are become more scarce. I will admit, the Pepsi Throwback does tempt me more than the others. It just tastes better!

Great Lakes Brewing Co. Burning River Pale Ale
Great Lakes Burning River

In regards to alcohol, things haven’t really changed since I’ve started going green. Some of my favorite beers are from Great Lakes Brewing Co. and Sam Adams. Great Lakes, aside from making amazing beers, is located up in Cleveland, so it doesn’t go far, and they are all about being environmentally friendly. Among other things they are always helping to improve the Great Lakes.

As much as I love my Tazo and my G.T.’s Kombucha, I would like to get into making my own at home more often. Right now it’s simply due to a lack of space. But when we have our own place I plan to at least start making tea and bottling it for easy portability. If we have the space to do it I would love to start brewing my own kombucha. It would give me much more versatility in regards to flavor. Plus, in both regards, it would be a lot cheaper for me!

In regards to the alcohol, I am not going to stop drinking it. If you don’t like to drink alcohol, for whatever reason, good for you. I like it, and I don’t want to give it up. But I do want to be more organic and sustainable in my purchases. Liquor is going to be the hard one in that regard. I have yet to see any sustainable or organic liquor. I’m already a lot more conscious of that in regards to wine. Whole Foods helps make that easy. Beer won’t be too hard. There is an amazing selection of beer at Whole Foods, and so much of it we already like. But then again, the better the beer, the fewer the ingredients.


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