Finished! The Hours

The Hours (audiobook)
The Hours by Michael Cunningham (audibook)
The Hours focuses on the lives of three women over one day; Mrs. Woolf, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Dalloway.

Virginia Woolf is working on her book Mrs. Dalloway. She is still figuring out who Clarissa will love and who will die in the book. She also has her own mental health to deal with as well as her husband, the servants, and her sister and her children who visit them in Richmond.

Laura Brown is a housewife in 1949 Los Angeles area. It is her husband’s birthday. She has a cake to bake, a dinner to make, and her son, Richie, to take care of. Yet, she finds herself wanting to do nothing more than read her book, Mrs. Dalloway. Laura has found it harder and harder to be a wife and mother as the years have gone by. She is not sure what to do.

Clarissa Vaughn (Mrs. Dalloway) is throwing a party for her friend, Richard, who has won a literary award. Mrs. Dalloway is Richard’s nickname for her. Clarissa’s day mirrors that of the literary Mrs. Dalloway’s as she prepares for the party.

This is an amazing book as it follows these three women’s lives and we find out how they are all connected. Because it’s not all as straighforward as you think it is.

I love the movie The Hours. So when I found out it was based on this book, I had to read it. This is one of the few times that I think they did a great job adapting the book to the movie. I love the book, though. It has a lot more detail than the movie could ever have unless you constantly have the characters thoughts going. It explains a whole lot more about the characters and has so much more depth. This is an amazing book!

One thing that is much better about the book is how clear it is that Clarissa’s day mirror’s that of Mrs. Dalloway. I think I’m going to read that at some point seeing how I have a basic idea of how it goes. Even though I know the movie, I was still surprised by what happens. Maybe not surprised, but stunned by what happens. He does such an amazing job of weaving these three womens’ lives together. It’s no wonder he won the Pulitzer Prize.


Spring Book Challenge: Read a Pulitzer Prize winner.


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