Finished! Eragon

Eragon (audiobook)
Eragon by Christopher Paolini (audiobook)
Eragon was out hunting one day when he came across a blue stone. He decided to take it home with him and see if he could sell it. When no merchant would buy it, he decides to keep it. One night he hears noise from the direction of the stone. It turns out it’s not a stone, but an egg. A dragon egg. He decides to keep the dragon and raise it secretly. This turns out to be the biggest decision of his life.

I have to admit, for a lot of the book I was trying to keep Star Wars out of my head. Raised by his aunt and uncle, attacking his uncle, the hope of rebels against an empire, mentor who is the last of the old order and dies. Need I say more? But the last part was a definate departure from it and made me feel a lot better. The final battle was great. Wonderful descriptions made it hard to put down.

It is definately a good book. Quite impressive for a first book, especially for one so young. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I hadn’t read it until now because of how much people kept talking about it. It seems the more popular something gets and gets talked up, the less I want to read/watch/listen/do anything with it. It took me a while to finally pick up the Harry Potter series, which I am glad I did. I’m really looking forward to Eldest because I’ve been told they just keep getting better.

3 stars

Spring Book Challenge: Read a book that you have heard a lot about, but have been hesitant to read.


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