So much happening!

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There’s been a lot going on this week. Which is part of why this post is so late. First off, I love my car! I’ve been following some tips I read on Ecomodder and my mpg is slowly getting better. Granted I was getting around 34 to 36 mpg mixed, but now I’m getting a solid 36 if not higher. I haven’t taken the time to actually calculate it. But I’m going farther on one tank of gas. Normally half a tank (around 4 gal.) gets me 150 miles. This time, 180! I am so happy. I’m simply doing a lot more in neutral (which isn’t too hard since I’ve got a manual), the car gets turned off if I’m going to be braking or stopped for more than 10 seconds (which I’m getting better at judging), and I’m starting from a roll rather than a dead stop more which is easier on the engine. So yay for better mpg!

The other big thing this week is that we’re going to be moving at the end of the month! We will have a 2 bedroom apartment with a patio! I’ve been trying to keep myself from overplanning on the plants. But it’s just so much fun to think about. In the very least I’m planning on investing in a few plants for inside that are easy to care for. I’ve got two little pieces of bamboo that I have managed to keep alive, so more bamboo will probably be on the list. There will be plenty of pics of the greenness when it happens.

So that’s pretty much it. I’m going to go collapse into bed now before I do it at the keyboard. Have a green weekend!


2 thoughts on “So much happening!

  1. After I read this post, I started counting the time I spent at stoplights, and was surprised by how long it is.

    But wouldn’t turning the engine off and on in short succession, repeatedly, be hard on your starter?

    1. Amazing isn’t it? In Japan evidently it’s quite common to turn one’s car off and then on at stoplights. According to what I’ve read on Ecomodder, it’s not hard on the starter. One thing I do to avoid having to do it too much is to start slowing down as early as possible to avoid coming to a complete stop. It allows more time for the light to go green.

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