Meatless Thursday, June 17, 2010

Naked Juice Green Machine
Naked Green Machine
With all the work in getting things packed, I wasn’t feeling all that creative today. Lunch was a vegetarian fajita burrito from Chipotle. I really need to just stick to tacos when I go there. A burrito is just too much food. Unfortunately it’s really good food, so I feel the need to finish the whole thing. I ended up being overstuffed and not liking it. I wasn’t even drinking much water I was so full. Finally I decided to have some of my Naked Green Machine. It really helped! I felt a lot better after drinking a cup. I don’t know what it is about that stuff, but I always feel better after drinking it.

Pillsbury Savorings Artichoke and Spinach Bread Bowl Bites
Savorings Artichoke and Spinach Bread Bowl Bites
Dinner was even less creative. I had picked up some of Pillsbury’s Savorings Bread Bowl Bites. The artichoke and spinach ones are amazing! I simply baked up the whole box and that was dinner. Along with some Tazo Iced Green Teas to wash it all down. I did screw up a tiny bit, though. While waiting for the Bites to get done, I snagged a stray pepperoni. I didn’t think about it until later and went “^@*%!”. So aside from that slip up, it was a successful Meatless Thursday. Now I’m off to keep packing!


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