Viva La Revoution!

Yahoo! News article
Article on Yahoo! News (click for the article)
It turns out that Mexico is having it’s own revolution. They are banning junk food from their schools. The President of Mexico is behind the ban. He wants to get his country, especially it’s children, in better shape and eating healthier. Evidently Mexico has the highest childhood obesity problem in the world. But of course no revolution would happen without resistance. There are still many vendors who set up their stalls just outside of the school grounds and sell their wares that are high in fat and sugar. They cannot prevent the children from going to the stalls and buying their lunch there instead of the school.

I say “Yay for Mexico!” I’m glad there’s some country taking responsibilty for it’s obesity issues. Here in the U.S. so much power has gone to the states that if the President were to even think about doing that here, there would be such an uproar about the government taking over our lives.

The truth is, we need it sometimes. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has shown us that we are not doing so well in feeding our children in the schools. In elementary school, children are young enough that they need to be given little choice in what they eat and what is given them needs to be healthy. This is when and where good habits are formed. That’s what my parents did. My mom would pack a healthy lunch and I would eat all of it, even if I didn’t like it. I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t. Every once in a while I would get a chocolate milk instead of white, but I always went back to the white because I liked it better.

The thing that worries me is that they have no way to stop the kids from picking this stuff up on the way in to school. The only way that would happen is if every parent were to accompany their child to the school and then the school make sure they don’t slip out again. I just hope enough parents want their children to eat healthier and work to undermine the vendors.


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