Live Nude Columbus

On Tuesday I was one of the lucky people to have a ticket to see Live Nude SMod 2 (The Wee Wee Tour) at Studio 35! All the tickets were general admission, so seats were first come, first served. I left work half an hour early to get there early. The tickets said the doors opened at 6p, so I figured if I could get there by 5p I’d be good.

Easier said than done. First the directions Google gave me had me taking a highway that’s going under major construction and I couldn’t get to the way they wanted. So I had to make my way through downtown on surface streets. Once I found a parking space on the street nearby, I got in line. It wasn’t too long when I got there. I was maybe a couple of yards away from the theater. Once the doors opened and I got in, I went straight in to claim a seat. Third row center! Then I went back out to the lobby to get my t-shirt, a beer and some popcorn.

After waiting for about another hour, they announce that their car is pulling up. We start screaming our heads off. It almost sounded like The Beatles were about to take the stage back in the 60s. But we could only keep it up so long and died down. Then people started shouting random quotes from the movies. Eventually one person said “If you don’t come in we’ll keep quoting your movies!” Then finally they get introduced and we start yelling and cheering again.

I still can’t believe I was sitting right in front of Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith! These two are responsible for some of my favorite movies and I was sitting a couple of yards away from them!

I’m hoping that it’ll be a posted SModcast since they did two shows. But Kevin started off by saying how awesome Columbus is. He really meant it. It was wonderful! He said on the way over he was sorta dozing because he’d gotten high before coming over. But when he heard us screaming and cheering, that perked him right up and got him energized for the show! YES! Let me just say that it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget and let the pictures tell the rest of the tale. Sorry they’re blurry. My camera is crappy without the flash on.

The empty stage
Where Kevin and Scott would soon be sitting!

Let the SModding begin!
Let the SModding begin!

Kevin reading some news from his laptop
Kevin reading us some news.

Scott sitting facing Kevin
This is how Scott was sitting most of the time.

Intense discussion
Intense discussion.

Kevin and Scott leaving
Leaving to probably recover for the next show.

One of the most amazing nights of my life!


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