Meatless Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amy's Kitchen Cheese Enchiladas
Amy's Kitchen Cheese Enchiladas

Today was a simple Meatless Thursday. For lunch I went with the Amy’s Cheese Enchiladas again. They’re just that good! I picked these and the Tortellini Bowl forgetting that I still have a serving of the mushroom lasagna. I figure I’ll just have the tortellini tomorrow for lunch.
I picked up some Lean Pockets for lunch this week, but I don’t think I can eat them. I had two for Monday and Tuesday’s lunches. Yesterday I needed to get a couple of things from Whole Foods and so I picked up a sandwich instead of having a Lean Pocket. I’ll just leave the other box of Lean Pockets at work so I have something in case I have no time to pack my lunch in the morning or the night before.

I ended up having the tortellini for dinner. It comes with it’s own cookware so there weren’t any dishes to clean up. Sadly I’m tired and have a lot to do. So that’s probably going to be it for the night. See ya!


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