I’m back!

Sorry about the lack of posts last week. But we were a bit busy moving! Yes. We now have our own place. It’s a wonderful little apartment that’s going to allow me to really get into being green.

One of the things that’s made things much easier is having the kitchen again. Not only will I be more inclined to make dinner instead of heating it, but the recycling is in the kitchen! In three days we managed to fill it up. I’m really, really loving it. There’s so much more that can simply be rinsed out and recycled instead of thrown away. Before we had a small recycling can down in our part, so a) there wasn’t a lot of space for recyclables, and b) I had to remember and be able to take all the recycling from making dinner downstairs. Now that’s not an issue! 🙂

I am sticking with using green supplies whenever possible. The only thing I’ve had to buy so far that hasn’t been green is diswashing tabs. It was late, possibly after Whole Foods was closed, and we needed them. But considering most of our dishes and cookware have been boxed up and sitting in a shed for two-and-a-half years, we’ve been running the dishwasher a lot. I was running the plastic storage and cups through on the top rack, but they need to sit and dry afterwards. So I’m holding off on them until I can handwash them and put them in the dish drainer to dry. The dish drainer is still packed somewhere. I don’t mind that at all. It’ll be better all around since the plastic really shouldn’t go through the dishwasher anyway.

I really wanted to get a cloth shower curtain. But those things are not cheap. And I don’t exactly have a ton of extra cash. I’m hoping that we can get one when the current one needs to be replaced. I actively avoided getting a vinyl one because I didn’t want to deal with the offgas and all the other things that you want to avoid, including the fact that it’s petroleum based. What I actually bought was a shower liner. It’s thinner than a shower curtain but it does the job. Also it was made with PEVC or something like that. The packaging says that it is an environmentally friendly material. It definately didn’t have the smell that you get with most shower curtains, so it’s hopefully not too bad. Also considering what hubby’d probably say if I simply bought a cotton curtain, this will do fine for now.

The main thing on my list of things to get is plants. I am slowly working on finding out what plants are the best for cleaning the air. I’d like to get the range of what they clean covered. Hopefully it’ll be in as few plants as possible as quite a few remove at least two toxins from the air. It would be nice to come home and breathe wonderfully fresh air.

So hopefully there will be more posts coming on the progress I’m making in our place. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging! Thank you for your patience!


3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Funny, I was cleaning out the top laundry room shelves for the first time since my husband and I moved in and found a cloth shower curtain liner that the previous owners had left along with some unneeded laundry stuff. YAY! It was only slightly discolored on the bottom, otherwise its fine. I’d wanted to replace that plastic liner in our bathroom since moving here but as you pointed out, the cloth ones ain’t cheap. So now I’ve replaced the plastic liner with the cloth one and am so much happier.

    So now the plastic liner is hanging from our clothesline to dry in the sun. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it other than lining a shower.

    Congrats on your new digs!!

    1. That is awesome luck! They seem to be pretty good about not leaving anything for the next people around here cause we haven’t found anything yet. Which can be a good thing.

      Thank you! It’s so wonderful!

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