Reading haven!

I haven’t been reading too much lately as we have been busy moving! We have our own place now! And one of the best parts of it is I have an ‘office’. I say ‘office’ because it’s multiple things, including a place for me to sit and read.

In the ‘office’ I have two full bookcases of books and a big comfy chair. I now have my own little corner where I can hole up and just read. One 5-shelf bookcase and a 2-shelf are full of our manga and graphic novels. The other 5-shelf is going to have books that I tend to read more than hubby does. I’ve got a lamp over by the chair for reading. It’s going to be so nice once we can get all of this organized and the boxes out of here! I’ll put up a few pics once I’m done. But I will be posting more now that we’ve moved. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reading haven!

    1. Once all the boxes are unpacked and the chair is unearthed from the pile of empty boxes there will be pics! I want to show it off, it just looks really really messy right now. 🙂

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