Finished! Dead Beat

Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

When we went to the book signing of Turn Coat, Jim Butcher was asked which of The Dresden Files was his favorite so far. Without missing a beat he answered, “Dead Beat. It has a zombie T-Rex!” So I immediately thought of this book for this challenge.

Harry Dresden, wizard, is being blackmailed by a Black Court vampire into helping her find a book that was written by a very evil Necromancer. It’s either find the book in time for her or Murphy gets who knows what done to her. So now he has to beat the group of Necromancers in town also looking for the book to finding it. All the while not getting any help from outside sources, directly. Indirectly Thomas, his half-brother, and Butters, assistant medical examiner, end up getting in pretty deep. Those Necromancers don’t make it easy.

I love the entire series of The Dresden Files. But I do have to agree with the author, zombie T-Rex is an awesome thing to read about. It’s a wonderfully written book as always and makes me look forward to reading another book in the series.

5 stars

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