Finished! Avengers: Initiative, Vol. 1: Basic Training

Avengers: The Initiative, Vol. 1: Basic Training by Dan Slott
Avengers: The Initiative, Vol. 1: Basic Training by Dan Slott

I am so behind in my comic book reading! I hate not being able to afford getting comics weekly anymore. I just finished Avengers: The Initiative Vol. 1. OMG. I don’t know all of what was going on and I was blown away. Comics have become so dependent on reading a list of other titles to have a full grasp of what just one is talking about, it’s gotten a bit annoying.

Avengers: The Initiative is about the implementation of the Fifty State Initiative that was created after the end of Civil War to provide a team of superheroes for each state. It also ensures that the superhumans are all trained and licensed before being allowed to become superheroes. If they don’t pass, their powers are contained and they are not allowed to use them. All of this training happens at Camp Hammond, on the site of the disaster in Stamford, Connecticut that started the Civil War.

I can’t wait to read the next volume. Then I need to find out what other series I need to get read to get the entire picture of what just happened! From what I can tell, Civil War: Front Line, Civil War, and World War Hulk are some that might shed a little light on things. Also, I just need to get caught up with my Amazing Spider-Man. when they went to two issues a month, I couldn’t afford to keep up!


4 stars

Summer Book Challenge: Read a book where the title or author’s name starts with a J, A, or S.


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