Dragon*Con Costume 1: Kaylee Frye

Over Labor Day weekend, hubby and I will be geeking out in Atlanta at Dragon*Con. And of course I’m going prepared. The convention is 4 days long, and I’ve got 4 costumes planned. I’ll be outlining what’s gone into each costume over the next couple of weeks.

In my Kaylee Frye costume
The initial version of the costume.

The first costume is Kaylee Frye, ship’s engineer on Serenity on the show Firefly and movie Serenity. I originally created this costume for Halloween a few years ago. I went as Kaylee and my hubby went as Mal. We ended up winning second place in the costume contest.

The long-sleeved shirt I bought at Wal-Mart. Just a simple long-sleeved t-shirt. A friend of mine found the jumpsuit at a thrift store. I cut off the cap sleeves and took out the shoulder pads. Then I added the patches to make it more Kaylee-like. I made the jacket from a pattern and decided against trying to match it to the jacket she wears in the pilot episode. Instead I simply went for something she might wear. To finish it all off I simply wore flip-flops since Kaylee runs around barefoot or in sandals at least half the time.

Since then the costume has changed a little bit. Aside from the fact that I’ve lost weight and have a different hairstyle, I’ve since bought a different shirt to go under the jumpsuit. It looks like the shirt was splattered in paint and I think it fits Kaylee more. I’m probably not going to wear the jacket for two reasons: a) it’ll probably be too warm to be wearing that much, and b) it somehow got a small rip in the sleeve that I’m not sure how to fix. I may just end up removing the sleeves and turning it into a vest so I can still use it. I may someday make a new jacket to go with the outfit, someday. Also, I’m leaning toward wearing combat boots instead of sandals. But I may find some to have in case it’s really warm.

This is definitely the oldest, and most complete costume I’m taking to the con. I’m also really excited because the actress who played Kaylee, Jewel Statie, will be there. I’m probably going to wear it on the day we go to the Firefly panel. 🙂

Up next: The Doctor in his Tux.


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