Going to Dragon*Con!!

As I’ve already mentioned in one of my blogs, my hubby and I are going to be in geek heaven over Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. The reason why I mention it here is because Dragon*Con is because it is a multigenre convention, there are going to be a ton of authors there. But there are two that I am personally squeeing over.

First is my favorite fantasy, possibly overall, author, Jim Butcher. I’ve been to one book reading/Q&A/signing of his and not only is he an amazing author, he is a wonderful geek! So any chance I can get to see him talk and possibly add to my signed book collection, I’m going for. And the amazing actor who does the audiobooks for The Dresden Files, James Marsters, is going to be there as well. We would love to have one of the audiobooks for both of them to sign, but they’re so expensive and hard to find. Just seeing them will be amazing.

Second is a comic book legend. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Stan Lee will be there as well!! The first comic book I ever owned and read is The Amazing Spider-Man. That is one of the man titles Mr. Lee created. I am looking forward to seeing him and hearing him talk. Hopefully I’ll be able to have him sign that comic for me. It would be awesome.

There are a lot of other amazing authors and comic book writers and artists attending the Con. They’re all listed here along with everyone else that’s coming. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


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