Shift of focus

Today I was thinking about Dragon*Con (big surprise) and got to thinking about costumes in general. I have never really taken a lot of time and/or spent a lot of money on any of my costumes. For some it works. Kaylee, Jane, SG-C, those are all costumes that can be simply bought and slightly personalized. But for The Doctor, Harry Dresden, and Izanami, time and money are important. So I’ve decided to make them the priority they are.

There has been a list of costumes I want to do but just haven’t had the time or money to do them properly. Now I will. Here’s the list (I admit it’s a bit for my own reference, but sharing is good too):
The Doctor’s Tux (I really need to remake the jacket, taking enough time to get it right, and I need to make the matching pants. Also I still want to get some Brainy Specs of my own.)
Milly Thompson
Harry Dresden
Daria Morgendorffer (Even if I have to make it all from scratch)
Nicholas D. Wolfwood (I need to make his cross)
Tsukikage Ran
I may also make a new jacket for Kaylee.

But the shift of focus is coming off of scrapbooking. Recently I went onto Creative Memories’ website and found that they had gotten rid of the PicFolio Milestones style, which is pretty much a large photo album. But it’s got the quality of Creative Memories. I’m finding more that the Milestones album fits my multitude of pictures better than traditional scrapbooks. As I was planning quite a few albums around the Milestones that no longer exists, things have changed and I’ve decided to worry about the costumes I’ve got supplies for instead of the scrapbooks I have nothing for. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to scrapbook. I’m just going to work on something that I can work on without going further into debt. 😉


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