It’s coming! I swear!

I have been busy trying to get things, including pictures of the last two costumes, done but nothing’s been done. I have managed to get halfway done with the third Hogwarts House Scarf. Considering his birthday was back in March, I’m just glad to have it done before it gets cold. Once his is done I have two to get caught up with and then there’s two more left in the year. Once that’s done, I’m going looking for good yarn and making mine. I discovered this great yarn site after I started the project and felt it wouldn’t be fair to make two scarves with one type of yarn and the rest with another. So everyone’s getting the one type, and I’m hopefully making mine with another.

The thing that’s holding up the costumes, and an avalanche of posts, is the lack of a tripod. I’ve checked one place and the cheapest full tripod they had was $50. I don’t have that money this moment. I’m hopefully going to get one soon before it gets cold out so I can do these pictures the way I want to! I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the month. Next year I’m either finding a friend who’s good with a camera or paying for a photoshoot at Dragon*Con!


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