Loving Local

I read an article in Natural Home magazine about buying locally. It’s not the first time I’d seen someone extolling the virtues of buying locally. I always try to buy as locally as possible, but when I thought about it, I buy more locally than I thought. When I go to Whole Foods and see a “Local” sign on the item, I’m definitely more likely to buy it over a possibly cheaper version that’s not local. I do that to support the local economy, try to keep my carbon footprint as small as I can, and it’s usually just as good if not better.

But today I splurged on myself and went to my local Half-Price Books. I bought a wonderful pile of books and a CD. I hadn’t realized until now that going to Half-Price books is shopping locally. They point out that every store is different because every store is stocked with what people bring in. If that’s not shopping locally, I don’t know what is! Pretty much buying anything used or second-hand is buying things locally! This just gives me more reason to resist going into Borders and Barnes & Noble for my books and entertainment, and chain stores for my clothing. Thrift and consignment stores are going to be getting a lot more of my business now. Also it helps that your dollar goes farther in those stores too. 🙂


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