Slytherin Pics

I figure I would share the couple of pics of the finished product and it’s happy recipient. I’ve never had someone quite this happy to get the scarf so far. I know it’s partially due to how long it took to get done.

I can’t wait to make mine once everyone else’s is done! I have 3 of the 19 stripes done on the next scarf. I’m hoping to get about a stripe a day done and have it finished in a couple of weeks. I might be able to get caught up and the last one done in time for their birthday. It’s a hope. I’m never doing this much knitting in such a limited amount of time ever again!

The scarf folded up.
It may have taken 4.5 months to finish, but it's done!
The scarf more unfolded and on display
I'm glad to have finally gotten it finished!
The happy owner with the scarf on.
He was so happy to have it, finally. It looks like it's going to be used a lot in the upcoming winter. He was surprised at how thick it is. 🙂

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