Healthy eating

As I sit here full of junk and over-processed food, I have made the decision to avoid processed foods at all costs. I have done this before with success. It’s how I managed to lose 30 lbs. But since then I have been letting things slide, but no longer. Well…I’m not going to completely ban processed foods because it’s impossible. My husband doesn’t see the point in making pizza from scratch when we can buy it frozen, and things like that. Also, some things are good every once in a while. And the lunch meat I buy is slightly processed.

I guess what I should be saying is that I will avoid junk food, again. I had gotten myself to a point where simply looking at a doughnut or piece of candy would turn my stomach. It’s not like that anymore. I need to get myself back to that point. I don’t think I’m going to go back on SparkPeople, yet. I’m going to try to keep track of my calories and exercise and see if that does it. We have a couple of DDR games and the pad at home, I just need to get the living room cleaned up so I have space to use it. I think between that and eating healthy again I’ll be able to get in even better shape than before.

Last time I used SparkPeople, which is an amazing site and a wonderful tool for getting you motivated, going, and keep going until you reach your goal in a healthy way. It helps you create good food habits in a way that you can keep with them. I just let them slide. Since I know what to do this time, I’m just going to try it on my own again, and on here. One thing that really helped before was getting support from others. I’m not expecting comments or anything on these posts, just putting it out there is motivation enough for me.

So, that means I need to evaluate my eating habits, pay more attention to my portion sizes, and create a food journal. I need to get back into making up my bottles of green tea to drink daily. I need to do better on the weekends. I need to buy healthier options and stick with them. I’m probably going to start keeping track starting on Sunday, but I’ll be eating healthy tomorrow, believe me. I think I’m just going to stick with how I’ve been doing things, aka just breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any snacks, to see what my consumption is. I am definitely going to start using DDR next week, maybe even tomorrow if I can get the room clean. But probably the week after next is when I’ll start working healthy snacks back into my diet. That is one thing that I know really helped and I shouldn’t have stopped doing. They really do keep the metabolism going and help you to get a balanced diet without shoving everything into three meals.


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