Eating healthy again

Last Friday I finally broke down. I had been falling back into my bad habits and started to gain a little weight again. Well, last Friday was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We had a little Halloween party, which means lots of junk food. I hadn’t been eating too well anyway, so I felt like crap. So I broke down and swore off sugar and fast food, again. I wrote about it over at My Brain Dumping Grounds. Well, I’ve managed to do it this week and feel wonderful for it. I’ve been easily avoiding sugar at work thanks to my 72% dark chocolate and my ginger chews. They provide just enough sweet to keep me from raiding the candy.

I’ve also stuck with my sandwiches for lunch instead of giving in to my fast food whims, except for Wednesday. But I went to Raising Cane’s and only ate 2 of my four chicken fingers. So while it was fast food it a) was good quality and b) allowed me to leave leftovers easily.

But it’s a lot easier this time since I’ve got good habits already formed. I just need to stick with them. It’s also got me really looking at what I’m eating again and working on making my diet more whole and much less processed. I can’t wait for the day that I can afford to just buy whatever food I want to.

Stay green!


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