Finished! V for Vendetta

I forgot how completely awesome V for Vendetta is. It moves so quickly and so smoothly, much faster than the movie. I love how he carries out his vendetta. He doesn’t outright slaughter everyone. For example, Prothero simply is broken and left a muttering shell of a man. Which is so creepy. Much worse than simply killing him. I love how he talks with Dr. Surridge and how she is grateful that he has come to kill her. The way she feels so guilty about what she did at that camp and knew that he would be the one to find her again is just… I guess moving would be the closest word I can think of.

The way he frees Evey is so moving. She had grown up in such extreme circumstances that it took something extreme to free her from her past. To free her from the way she viewed everything. I love the completion of her transformation in the end of the book. It simply brings everything full circle.

This story goes into so much detail about how society can easily go wrong, but also how little it really takes to free people and get it going in the right direction again. Like V said, once the destruction is done, there’s no more need for it. It is such a deep and profound story that is one that we should all read and learn from.


2 thoughts on “Finished! V for Vendetta

  1. I saw the movie, and had a tough time with it. I think I was too distracted by the visuals to be able to pay attention to what was really going on. A few other personal issues as well, which had nothing to do with the quality of the filming or acting.

    a graphic novel of V, tho, i think i could handle. Could take it at whatever speed it wanted, re-read parts, not get so distracted by movie making magic.

    1. The graphic novel is definitely worth the read. I can see how all the stuff going on in the movie could be distracting from the plot. I think knowing the plot already may have helped me to get a little lost in the visuals. But anyway, go read the book! It’s awesome!

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