Happy New Year!

I have decided to take a different approach to reading this year. Since I have had the wonderful tools of the Nest Book Club and Goodreads for a year and have gotten a feel for them, I have a new approach. I have created a list on Goodreads for what I want to read in 2011. That is my go-to list for any NBC challenges. Those that I can fit into a challenge are the only challenges that I really care about finishing. I keep trying to stop caring about getting all of the tasks done, but I can’t ignore it when it comes up. So instead I’m trying to be more realistic about it. If I can actually read all the books that I set out to read for the challenge, I’ll be happy. I got quite close for the FBC. Now that I have my books prioritized differently, that’ll help me to possibly get them all read.

Quite a few books on my 2011 to read list are books that I listened to last year. I decided that I should go through and actually read all those books I listened to. So, while the story might still be fresh in my mind, I’ll be doing new reads on all of them because I may put different inflection or emphasis on the words than the narrator did. Also, there’s just something about actually reading a book versus listening to it.

I’m eager to post what I’m going to do for the WBC, but we need the 25 point tasks first. I’ve already started in on other books in the WBC so I don’t fall behind in pace so I might be able to get them all done. I’m hoping to have a post for every book, or group of books, as they get finished. I sorta fell behind on that last year and feel badly about it. Sorry! I’m going to try to do better this year!


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