New Year’s Challenge

I haven’t really set any resolutions for myself this year. I’ve written down goals I want to have accomplished by the end of the year. I’ve also set down a challenge to myself. After reading No Impact Man, I started thinking about how much new stuff I buy over the course of a year and how much of that isn’t needed or can be bought used. So I am going to refrain from spending any money on anything new unless there is no option. I originally set it at “buy only used”, but then I realized that there are so many exceptions that I’d have to make.
One thing is gift cards. Over the course of the year there’s my birthday and Christmas. At which time I tend to receive gift cards. So if I were to be given a gift card to, say, Borders, I wouldn’t have to hold on to it until next year to keep from breaking my rule.
The other thing I realized is my crafting. I love knitting and you can’t exactly buy used yarn. But I have completely converted to buying wool yarn. So it’s not like I’m buying plastic yarn anymore. Wool feels so much nicer, but is sadly scratchier. I also have four costumes that I’m trying to finish before Dragon*Con in September. While I am going to go to thrift stores and buy used whenever I can, it’s not always possible. And who wants a used wig? So when it comes to crafting, it’s simply as eco-friendly as possible.
Also, used underwear? Need I say more?
I must say I’m off to a roaring success so far. I have yet to spend any money on anything new that I didn’t need or couldn’t buy used. I’ve only gone to Half-Price Books so far. I’ve used some Christmas gift cards to do some fun shopping. But nothing spent on anything that didn’t need to be new! I think I can keep this up. It’ll also help me to simply reduce the amount of stuff I buy over the course of the year. I mean, if a book isn’t at Half-Price Books, I won’t be getting it. It really simplifies things. 🙂


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