Costuming inspiration, part II

I figured I’d split up all my costume progress over a couple of posts, or else I’d go on forever in one and nobody wants that!

Anyway. My SG-13 Woodland uniform is coming along quite well. My friend who’s in the National Guard gave me an old coat of his. Turns out that it is exactly the style of coat that I should be using! So that is going to be the dedicated uniform coat, and my winter coat is simply my winter coat again. Which reminds me, I should switch out the patches… I just need to get the booney hat and that’ll be ready to go for D*C! Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to take some work to find the right style of boots to go with the uniform. The boots that were used in the last two seasons are easy to find. But I’m going for a uniform from one of the first five seasons, so they wouldn’t work.

I think if I can just get in gear, I could get my Harry Dresden done. The coat is the biggest part of that costume. I guess I just need to bite the bullet and sit down and cut it all out. That way I only need to borrow my friend’s sewing machine for an afternoon or two and that will be done. I realized the other night that I should probably invest in some guys jeans and black t-shirt and the clothing are taken care of. I was going to use a black t-shirt and jeans of my own, but they are definately feminine. That doesn’t work when you’re trying to crossplay. I’m going to have to start hunting for a wig because the wig I wanted to use is gone because’s store is phasing out one of their wig lines in favor of their new one. Luckily I just need a black wig with lightly scruffy hair. The staff and pentacle will be easy to get since there is a small Renaissance Fair every year at OSU, so I can get them there. Or at least the staff. I’m more worried about the staff than the pentacle.

So, if all goes well I’ll have four costumes for D*C this year: Jane Lane, The Doctor, SG-13, and Harry Dresden. I wanted to do more, but I realized that I should spend my time, money, and energy on the costumes that I’ve already started instead of trying to start new ones. And four costumes are plenty for a four-day convention. I doubt I’m going to stay in the one costume the entire day, but who knows at this point. Now if I can just get them done…


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