I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but I really love scrapbooking. I tend to go for simpler layouts that have more of a nice photo album look than a scrapbook. I haven’t done any in the last year partially due to lack of money but also due to a certain style disappearing.
Thanks to some friends of mine, I only use Creative Memories products anymore. They have extremely high standards for their products and that’s why I use them. Also I have friends who were consultants for a while, so I wanted to help support them in that. But what I really like using now is their PicFolio, which really is a high-quality photo album. It holds up to 160 photos. It’s awesome. Part of why I like them is the fact that my husband will actually look at them because of their similarity to photo albums. But they had disappeared from the site soon after I put the one for our Honeymoon together. It made me very sad. But on Wednesday one of my friends who used to be a consultant, and is considering becoming one again, left me a voice mail letting me know that they’re back! So I’ve spend the last couple of days figuring out costs for various projects and how many pictures from various events can fit.
I love to take pictures and in the past I’ve made scrapbooks that encompass the entire year of stuff we’ve done with our friends. But I tend to include as many pictures as possible and they are 2 or 3 inches thick. The PicFolio only fits 5 pictures per page. And I like having entire pages devoted to events. With the PicFolio I can’t exactly have blank space. But this does force me to simply pick the best pictures from the even to represent it instead of having everything I took.

So, long story short, between costuming, scrapbooking, and kitting, I’m going to be a busy little crafter this year. Hopefully there will be a steady flow of posts about the progress of various projects. Well…as long as there’s money to fund it all. 🙂


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