Finished! Secret Invasion

For those who exist outside the world of comic books (which are probably most of you 🙂 ), Secret Invasion was a huge event in the Marvel Universe. It affected all the Marvel titles in one way or another. Long story short, a race of shape-shifting aliens infiltrated all aspects of our lives in order to take over the Earth after their worlds are destroyed to fulfill a prophecy. The problem, for us, is they have discovered a way to pass as human to everyone; that includes science, mutants, and magic. There’s no way to tell who is really who they say they are unless they are seriously injured or killed. I read The New Avengers and The Mighty Avengers realms as well as the main storyline in the Secret Invasion run. I read the first four books over New Year’s Day and the next day. It really got me hooked.

First off were The New Avengers Vols. 8 & 9, Secret Invasion Book 1 & 2. I can’t believe that all the mess going on lately might just be due to the Skrulls. I really need to read the main Secret Invasion books to find out WTF is going on in general. Book 2 didn’t really clear things up. If anything it made a few things less clear. But it’s still an amazing story. I just need to read the main books to get the bigger picture. Also, The Mighty Avengers books might help.

The Mighty Avengers Vols. 3 & 4, Secret Invasion Book 1 & 2 were next on the reading frenzy. They did clear up a few things. At least the ones who were replaced are alive somewhere. I feel so badly for those who were replaced. It’s also good to have more information on Nick Fury. I really had no idea what happened to him and why he’s in hiding. Looks like I need to go back and read Secret War.

About a week later Secret Invasion came in at the library. Finally! It’s good to know who was a Skrull this whole time. I was really hoping that Tony was. At least it seems that the majority of the New Avengers were good the whole time. Huge relief. It’s also good to know that everyone who was replaced is alive. I just wonder how long some of them had been there. It seems like around the time House of M (another mega event) began is when it started. I am so glad that I read this last. It fills in the small gaps from the other two titles. Much better than this leaving huge gaps to be filled in by the others.

It’s a great storyline. But I wish they would stop it with the universe-wide story lines that completely mess with everything. Unfortunately there’s still Dark Reign and Siege to get through before I get caught up.

The New Avengers Vol. 8: Secret Invasion Book 1, The New Avengers Vol. 9: Secret Invasion Book 2, The Mighty Avengers Vol. 3: Secret Invasion Book 1, The Mighty Avengers Vol. 4: Secret Invasion Book 2, and Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis

Average rating: 4 stars

WBC: Read a book you got on sale or free. (New Avengers Vol. 8 )


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