Vitamin K

I am feeling better than I have in a long time. And it’s all thanks to Kashi! I had tried one of their GoLean Crunch cereals, but it’s not for me. Finally, I was trying to come up with healthy options for my lunch, I picked up a couple of their frozen entrees. That stuff is amazing! I love their 7 Grain and Sesame pilaf. It is just the right thing to balance out the lunch. I’ve also added their snack crackers to my daily snack routine and between the two, I get so much whole grain and my body is thanking me. I just wish that I could find the 7 Grain Pilaf on it’s own. I know they sell it, I just have to find somewhere that does. Otherwise I’ve got two options: keep buying the entrees and try to keep the variety up; buy it from them online. I’m leaning toward online because it’ll allow me to create my own meals around the pilaf instead of trying to keep the variety up with not much to choose from. Either way, it’s such a wonderful surprise and definitely a great addition to my diet!
It also helps that kombucha is back! Whatever the reason it was gone, they’re back on the shelves. Last weekend I only got one for the weekend to ease myself back into drinking it. This past weekend, I had one bottle each day. It was wonderful. I think that might be part of what’s been helping me feel better.


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