Finished! Until the Stars Turn Cold

Until the Stars Turn ColdIt’s been a while since I’ve read Spider-Man. I’ve been getting caught up on X-Men and Avengers while my first is getting ignored. I need to fix that.
Anyway. This whole storyline, no. Straczynski’s whole time was just amazing and really hard on Peter. Trying to reconcile with MJ; dealing with Aunt May knowing; it’s a lot for one person to go through.

Of course now with Secret Invasion I’m not’t sure if that was really Peter. Who Knows how that might change things? I can’t wait to get caught up! (I know now, but I won’t say either way so I won’t spoil it for you guys!)

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3: Until the Stars Turn Cold by J. Michael Straczynski

Rating: 4 stars

WBC: Read a book with a winter word in the title.


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