Finished! Dream Country

The way Neil Gaiman writes Sandman is so wonderfully different than most comic books I’ve read. Rarely does the story go across issues. He simply tells stories of Dream, with Death showing up sometimes.

Dream CountryCalliope was a little, no, very disturbing. It’s sad what people will do simply for money. Yeah, it may have started out innocent, simply wanting inspiration. But it quickly became all about the money.
A Dream of a Thousand Cats was amazing. I love how Dream was the Cat Lord. He nailed the cats personality dead on. There are too many peple out there that have cats and really shouldn’t. You really do feel for her and understand why she goes around inspiring her fellow cats and spreading her message.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream was really interesting. I have to admit I sorta glazed over the play dialogue. But I love that Death had commissioned it and had it performed in front of the real farie portrayed in the play. Great story.
Facade took a little bit to understand what was going on. it was great to see Death getting her own story. Once her condition was better illustrated, things all fell into place and made so much sense. Death is so understanding and compassionate.

I can see why this series is so popular. It’s a collection of wonderfully written stories that just happen to be comic books. Eventually I really need to read one of Neil Gaiman’s books.

Dream Country (Sandman Vol. 3) by Neil Gaiman

Rating: 4 stars

WBC: Read a book while drinking tea or other warm beverage.


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