Ugh. I just finished calculating my caloric intake for the day. Ugh. I decided to give in to my whim and go and get a French Dip, medium curly fries, and medium Sierra Mist from Arby’s for lunch. Ugh. The medium curly fries have more fat and calories than the sandwich! I really need to get back to checking the nutrition facts on fast food before I go and get it. I would have definitely skipped the fries, probably the Sierra Mist, and saved myself at least 600 calories! 600 calories for an order of medium curly fries. No wonder I gained so much weight when I worked there and mindlessly munched.

I just wish that more places would post their calories on the menu. Taco Bell lists them on their Fresco menu. It’s actually part of why I go there so often. I honestly don’t think that they’d lose money by posting, honestly, the amount of calories in their food. They might even gain business because people like myself, who are trying to eat healthier, will go there because they know up front how much they’re eating!


I feel much, much better. When I got home I finally pulled out the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and did over an hour of it. Around an hour was in workout mode. Between that and a good, balanced dinner, I’m feeling much better. Now, if I can just keep doing it on an at least every other day basis.


2 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. Sounds like you have a great goal of eating healthier and living a more balanced life — that’s how I found this blog post, by a search for “balance” tags. Remember to give yourself lots of encouragement and love (including grace for mistakes) along the way. I’ve learned that no one is perfect all the time, and also that love is a MUCH better motivator than guilt in the long run! That’s kinda what my blog is about.

    1. Thank you! I really like your blog as well. It’s really positive. You’re so right, there are too many times I beat myself up for things I have no control over. Luckily I have a wonderful husband to remind me that love is a wonderful motivator.

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