Finished! Sula

Sula by Toni MorrisonI am so glad I read it. Listening to a book is great, especially when it’s narrated by Lynn Thigpen. But read a book is just right. It sticks in my mind better, probably because all my attention is focused on it.

It’s interesting how the book isn’t focused solely on the title character. I think the story focuses on Nel more than Sula. But, in that way it is about Sula because of the impact she had on Nel’s life.

Also, Sula had quite the impact on the Bottom as well. People band together in the face of a common enemy. They live better lives and are better people with an example of what not to do in front of them. Somehow they didn’t see it.

This is a wonderful book. Definitely one of my favorites of her works.

Sula by Toni Morrison

Rating: 4 stars

WBC: Read a book with a black main character or black author.


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