I realized the other day that the main way I chart my progress is on Ravelry. And you have to be a member of Ravelry to see anything on the site. That means not everyone can see the progress. So I decided to add, off to the side, a list of the projects I have going right now and how far along I am on them. I also thought I should write a little about them, because I don’t think I’ve mentioned many of them here.

Fierce Ravenclaw are armwarmers that I started working on a while ago. I wanted to have some armwarmers I could wear at home and didn’t want to wait until I had finished the House Scarves. The pattern is one I found on Ravelry, and uses sport weight yarn. I’m planning to start working on them again once I get the scarves done.

Hogwarts House Scarf 6 is the last of the scarves in the Hogwarts House Scarf Project! It’s a Ravenclaw. Again. I didn’t realize that so many of our friends would be in Ravenclaw. But I guess that makes sense sorta.

I’m working on My Ravenclaw Scarf at the same time. It’s great motivation for me to get my friend’s scarf done. Her scarf is still priority. I don’t let my scarf be farther along than hers, but I do let it catch up to hers. Hopefully I’ll have them both done soon.

The Mark Inspired Scarf has been almost done for months now. The only thing left that it needs is to be washed and blocked. I just keep not doing it!

I started the Jayne Convertible Mittens a while ago so I could use them when it got cold. Then I remembered the Scarves and set them aside. But having the one completed does taunt me and will probably be my first project to finish once I get the Scarves finished.


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