Tech-filled day of awesomeness!

I mentioned already over on The Green Geek that I got my laptop fixed. Finally. But that wasn’t the end of the fun I had today.

Because fixing the laptop ended up costing less than 1/4 of what I planned to spend, I decided to get some things that I had been meaning to get for a while now at Best Buy. My first priority was getting things so I could use the laptop with ease. That meant getting a portable hard drive and wireless adapters. The hard drive allows me to work between my desktop and the laptop with ease. Unfortunately that takes up one of the three USB ports on the laptop. Another is taken up by the adapter. It is so nice to be wireless! Getting to sit in the living room with only the power cord tethering me. I also got an adapter for my desktop, since it’s across the apartment from the router. I had a cord running the whole way back, but it was obvious and constantly getting tripped over and annoying. Now I’m wireless! The floor looks so much better. Especially the doorways. 🙂

I also needed a laptop mat to keep the laptop vented and my legs from getting cooked. It’s one of those USB powered ones that has the fan to vent cool air up and the hot air out. It’s going to be great in the summer, keep my legs nice and cool. 🙂 But that takes up the final USB port. So if I want to use an external mouse, I’ve got to either pick what doesn’t get plugged in or get a USB hub.

The final thing in my tech shopping spree was a replacement keyboard for my laptop. I used to have an ergonomic keyboard. But I spilled a little bit of water on it and it completely died. I couldn’t afford to replace it with a new one at the time, so I got a simple, standard one. Well, I’m currently using my new ergonomic keyboard. That’s actually why I’m posting about this. I love the feel and just wanted to type. It’s high up in the front which allows me to properly rest my wrists. It’s also broken so the keys are at a more natural angle and it feels wonderful! I’m all wonderfully teched up now. And I’m loving it!


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