I have decided to shift my focus a little. The reason why I was alternating work on the scarves was so they would both be done while it was still cold enough to use them. It’s not anymore. So I’m just going to get my friend’s scarf done so the whole thing is finally finished and I can work on whatever I want.

I have a “whatever” in mind already. I’m working on a cosplay (Miho Tohya) for Dragon*Con this year and I need to make some armwarmers for it. I’m going to use the same pattern as the Fierce Ravenclaw but these will both mainly be black with darker purple stripes to go with the character. I have been sitting around planning work on my costumes but I can’t do anything for them, which is driving me nuts. So I figure why not just get my friend’s scarf done and free up the time to make the costume piece. I can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately that means the Fierce Ravenclaw get put off, yet again. But hopefully making these armwarmers will allow me to finish those perfectly!


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