Finished! Pint-Sized Ireland

Pint-Sized Ireland by Evan McHughWhat started as a trip to see some friends, became a trip around Ireland to see if the perfect pint of Guinness could be found. The author and his friend Michelle (The Woman I Didn’t Know I Would One Day Marry, aka Twidkiwodm) headed up to Ireland from Australia to meet up with some friends. Their first taste of Guinness, ever, was on the ferry on the way over from England. Talk about bad time, bad place. Their friends soon remedied their opinion of the Moother’s Milk. Slowly, as they checked out the sites and pubs, they started to hear where the ‘perfect pint’ of Guinness is poured. They decided to turn their journey around Ireland into the search for this elusive ‘perfect pint’.

This is such a great book. He does a great job of capturing Ireland. I can see the pubs in my mind and wish I could be there to soak up the craic too. It’s a simple story, but it’s also a lot of fun.

“The best Guinness is in the glass, in your hand, in the pub that you’re in right now. Nothing else, but nothing, compares.”
-p. 275

I couldn’t agree more. This statement shows how far he and Twidkiwodm came from that first horrible taste on the ferry.

Pint-Sized Ireland by Evan McHugh
Rating: 4 stars
WBC: Read a book set in Ireland or about Ireland.


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