Spring Book Challenge 2011

It’s April! Time for the SBC. I’ve already got a start on the list. I’m hoping to get more read than I did for the WBC.

5 point tasks
*Lovelorn by Matt Fraction for a book with a one word title
*Trigun Maximum Vol. 11: Zero Hour by Yasuhiro Nightow for a book you already own, but haven’t read
Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf for a classic
Lost and Found by Jacqueline Sheehan for a book by an author that has a X, Z, or Q in their name
*Affinity by Sarah Waters for a book set somewhere you’d like to go
Mistress by Leda Swann for a book with a person’s entire head not visible (only shows other parts of the body)
*MegaTokyo Vol. 4 by Fred Gallagher for a book with a green cover or with “flower” or a specific flower name in the title
The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster for a book you loved as a child/teenager
Beloved by Toni Morrison for an ebook, library book, or listen to an audiobook
Dawn: Return of the Goddess by Joseph Michael Linsner for something while outside

10 point tasks
Nothing for a book about/at a wedding
*Fruits Basket Vol. 21 by Natsuki Tayaka for a book set in or about high school
Nothing for a play by Shakespeare
*MegaTokyo Vol. 6 by Fred Gallagher for a book set in or about a country you haven’t been to
*Love Hina Vol. 3 by Ken Akamatsu for a good book: has an average of 4 stars or higher on Goodreads. The book must have at least 50 ratings (not reviews)
*Storm Front by Jim Butcher for a book with a weather word for the start of hurricane season
*Driving Mr. Albert by Michael Paterniti for poll Nesties for your book (out of 5 you suggest)
*MegaTokyo Vol. 2 by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston for a book to continue a series you have already started
Nothing for a book about a pet or animal
Up Till Now by William Shatner for a book about an author (biography, memoir, historical fiction)

15 point tasks
*The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory for a book about royalty or royal character
Treblinka by Jean-Francois Steiner for a book about/set in the Holocaust
*Only Bread Only Light by Stephen Kuusisto for a book of poetry
Dracula by Brahm Stoker for a book in a genre you don’t normally read
Nothing for a book by an author with your name (first, middle, maiden, or last)
Nothing for the April, May, or June NBC picks
*Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett for a humorous book
*The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory for a popular book: a book that has at least 15,000 ratings on Goodreads
Nothing yet for get a suggestion from your mom, dad, or other family member from an older generation
*In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan for a non-fiction book that isn’t a biography or memoir

25 point tasks
Plenty by Alisa Smith for a book about urban farming, sustainable agriculture, or American food policy (200 pages +, not an audiobook) and grow an edible plant. Post a 100 word response to the book and a picture of your plant. Recipes and photos of what you cook with your plant are encouraged but totally optional

Nothing yet for non-fiction book about Africa or the Middle East (history, politics, geography, etc). The book can be about a particular country or the region in general. Post your thoughts on the book and whether or not the book impacted your impressions/opinions regarding this part of the world

Nothing for pick a nestie and read one of her 5-star books and one of her 1-star books (or 2-star if she doesn’t have a 1-star). Report back on which nestie you picked, what you thought of the books and how your ratings compared to the nestie you picked

*Brand New Day Vol. 2 by Bob Gale and *Day After Night by Anita Diamanta for two books- the last word(s) of one title will be the first word(s) of the second

*Fruits Basket Vol. 23 by Natsuki Tayaka for read a book and then either listen to the audio book, watch the movie based on the book, read the comic book based on the book, etc. Write a short post on which medium you preferred (I plan to watch the last episode of the series to go with the last book of the series)


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