The hat they call…Jayne

The Hat they call…Jayne is finished! Well, it was finished back in January. Just in time too, my ears really appreciated the warmth. It’s part of what I’m calling my “geek chic” style. Cunning, ain’t it? 😉

Jayne Hat

I used Dryope’s Jayne Cobb Hat pattern with a few adjustments. I used worsted weight yarn instead of the bulky the pattern calls for. So I had to eyeball things a bit. I made the orange section too long. So I went back and frogged the yellow, and frogged the orange down to the right length then re-knit the yellow. I also made the ear flaps longer so they looked right and made the pompom bigger.
As fun as it’s been wearing it and getting compliments, I’m going to make a new one sometime. I’m going to make sure that the orange to yellow ratio is right from the start. I’m also going to double knit it with a cotton yarn on the inside. It’ll make it that much warmer for the winter, and it won’t itch. I’m going to keep this one for not so cold weather and for fun things like Dragon*Con.


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