I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been kinda bleh lately. I think I’ve finally figured out why. At Dragon*Con back in September, I did not eat as healthy as I could have. Pretty close since I was in the middle of Atlanta running from hotel to hotel with a mall food court as the main source of food. But I never quite recovered from it. I let the good habits I had created slide and let old bad habits back in.

Then a little over a month ago I got sick. I had to go to the doctor because my fever just wouldn’t go away. She prescribed quite the antibiotic. For someone who hasn’t had an antibiotic in at least a decade if not longer, it really had an effect. But in the week or so leading up to finally crashing and being sick, I was eating way too much fast food and my diet was all out of whack. It wasn’t too good after while I recovered.

But I think it took care of something that was throwing me off in a lot of ways. For example, before I got sick I was trying to get back into kombucha, but my system didn’t like that idea, so I stopped. Now I’m drinking a bottle every weekend and I’m fine. While I still do give in to the fast food cravings, I’m eating it a lot less.

So, hopefully I’ll be posting a bit more often now that things are doing a lot better. Also it helps that it’s finally warming up, so fruits and veggies are going to be coming into season and will be affordable again!


One thought on “Recovery

  1. I totally hear this. Junky food has a way of insidiously creeping into my diet and then I realize that food that used to make me feel BLEH somehow doesn’t anymore. It’s like one builds up a tolerance to it all. And it’s a tolerance I do not want. Avoiding processed foods doesn’t seem too hard for me, but getting refined sugar out of my system is a battle I have to fight continually.

    Best of luck with your clean-out! Keep us posted!

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