Jumping into Juicing

My favorite green blogger, Sayward Rebhal of Bonzai Aphrodite, has been raving about making her own juice a lot lately. It’s gotten me to want to start doing that as well. Well, that and the fact that POM and Naked, aren’t cheap. Lately as I’m recovering and getting back to eating healthy, I’ve noticed how much better I feel after drinking juice.


But the thing that I am lacking is a juicer. Luckily the internet is a wonderful thing. It has confirmed my theory and made my blender my favorite appliance right now. It just requires an extra step of straining the blended concoction before drinking it. Now I just need to look into recipes and get the produce I need. This is going to be so much fun!


6 thoughts on “Jumping into Juicing

  1. I’ve been looking at green juices (fitting, no?). I haven’t tried to make one yet but they sound like they’d be really yummy.

    Do you really need to strain the juice after using a blender? I would think that you’d be losing a lot of fiber that way. I guess it would then be pretty thick and might need some dilution, so maybe straining it is what’s needed.

    1. Well, yeah. The fiber is what gets set aside, but there’s lots of things that they can be added to. Breads, soups, lots of things! I’m just not big on things floating around in my juice. I strain the pulp out of my orange juice. In the end it’s all personal preference. 🙂

      1. ::nod:: And I OTOH, love as much pulp in my juice as possible. I want to *chew* it.

        Like you said, it’s all about personal preference. And I’ll be happy to take on all the pulpy bits. 😉

  2. Hey there Courtney –

    I hope this is ok to contact you here; I couldn’t find a way to email you directly on the blog.

    I’ve been reading (and commenting) on your blog for a while and it’s clear to me that you and I think a lot alike. Especially in terms of screen-watching: I’m a major into Joss, am huge Bab 5 and Star Trek fan and Monty Python goes without saying. I haven’t watched Torchwood yet but most of my friends have and they adore it. I expect that I’ll be hooked once I start. I’ve been no-poo for years (yay!) and I try to live as green as possible in this modern urban world.

    A few years ago, I started a green business creating eco-friendly wedding dresses out of sustainable fabrics. I would love to hear what you might think of the designs. You are exactly the type of person I’d want to be making wedding dresses for and it would really be helpful to hear what you’d think about the site, or how I could make the experience better. Pretend you’re a bride looking for a dress and have at it. I promise I won’t take negative comments personally; in fact negative comments are the most helpful.

    Add to this the fact that you really have a clue about writing/building websites and I think you’d have a helluvalot more insight than most people.

    The website is http://www.consciouselegance.com

    I’d really *really* appreciate hearing what you thought!

    Thank you thank you thank you

    1. Thank you! It does seem that we have quite a lot in common. Which is awesome! I always love meeting new geeks. 🙂 I will make sure to check out your website, which sounds awesome, and give you feedback. I’m really looking forward to it!


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