Finished! Affinity

Affinity is the second of Sarah Waters Victorian era books. It was also her second book, after Tipping the Velvet.

The book alternates between the journals of Margaret Prior, a ‘Lady Visitor’ at Millbank Prison, and Selina Dawes, a spirit medium. Margaret’s story includes meeting Selina while she is in Millbank prison. As she gets to know her more, she also does some work finding out more about her past and why she is in the prison. Selina’s story takes place in the couple of years leading up to the event that led to her imprisonment. Their lives intertwine and as they grow closer, interesting things start to happen.


Seriously, don’t keep reading if you don’t want things spoiled.



OMG. I was not expecting that! She did an amazing job of drawing you in. I felt just as anxious as Margaret, waiting for Selina to come. I thought either she didn’t make it out or died trying to get there. Vigers. The entire time! One of the best twists I’ve ever read.
It makes me wonder what was real and what she was faking. It seemed that she may have had a connection to the spirit world. But who knows now.

Affinity by Sarah Waters
Rating: 5 stars
SBC: Read a book set somewhere you’d like to go.


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