Finished! Fruits Basket Vol. 21

Fruits Basket Vol. 21I’ll be honest, just describing what’s going on would be spoilery. So if you don’t want to have anything ruined, don’t read this post!
Wow. I know now how I think the series will end. In just two more volumes I’ll know. I think, through Tohru’s actions and kindness, that the curse will break in Akito, which will break the curse in everyone. I’m really happy for Yuki to have found someone. I just hope Kyo can get past whatever and accept that Tohru loves him! He’s finally confronting feelings he’s been burying all these years. He’s finally been honest with Yuki, and Yuki with him. I just hope both their curses break soon!

Fruits Basket Vol. 21 by Natsuki Tayaka
Rating: 4 stars
SBC: Read a book set in or about high school.


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