Finished! MegaTokyo Vols. 1-6

MegaTokyo is a webcomic that started back in 2000. It was originally co-written by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston, but eventually Fred became the sole writer. Fred is also the artist for the series. There have been 6 volumes of the strip posted so far by various publishers. I have reread all six.
MegaTokyo Vols. 1-3
The series revolves around Prio (an otaku) and Largo (a gamer), two Americans who, after trying to get into E3 unsucessfully, decide to take a quick trip to Japan. That quick trip turns into a long stay as they promptly max out their credit cards and end up not being able to save up enough money to get back home. If you want to find out what adventures, relationships, and interesting times they’ve had, go read the comic! It’s great.
MegaTokyo Vols. 4-6

Wow. That was amazing. I hadn’t gone back and done a reread in a long time. I decided to read the chapters from Vol. 5 on the site because I’m not sure where our signed copies of the books are. I forgot how much detail and development he went through. I even reread Chapter 11 online (the current chapter) and it all makes a lot more sense now.

***Spoilery info ahead***
I think we’re getting closer to who and what Miho is. I’m starting to think she’s some kind of Magical Gurrl. It’s just making me want to cosplay her even more. Depending on where things are headed, I may need another wig. 🙂
MegaTokyo Vol. 1 and MegaTokyo Vol. 2 by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston
MegaTokyo Vol. 3, MegaTokyo Vol. 4, MegaTokyo Vol. 5, MegaTokyo Vol. 6 by Fred Gallagher
Ratings: Vols. 1-5 4 stars, Vol. 6 5 stars
SBC: Read a book with a green cover, “flower”, or a specific flower name in the title (Vol. 4).
Read a book to continue a series you have already started (Vol. 2).
Read a book set in or about a country you haven’t been to (Vol. 6).


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