Big Change

I made a decision last week. I am no longer going to go meatless for an entire day. I used to go meatless on Thursdays, inspired by the Meatless Mondays, because my husband was usually out with friends from work in the evening. I figured if I was going to be on my own for dinner, I might as well go meatless for the day.

Well, lately he’s been home, which is wonderful. But I was cooking separate meals or cooking for myself and he’d get fast food or we’d both get fast food on our ways home from work. I found myself missing eating with him. Also all that fast food, even meatless, is not great for a person.

So I decided that I will simply make the effort to eat meatless more when I am on my own for a meal. Sundays are usually the only day where we are together for lunch (he likes to sleep in later than I do on Saturdays), that gives me plenty of meals that I can be meatless for. Also if we’re going out and are ordering separate entrees, who says they have to include meat?

In short, this means one more dinner with my husband but not more meat! 🙂


One thought on “Big Change

  1. FWIW, my husband is the same way about meat (read: MUST HAVE IT). And so I pretty much stay meatless unless we’re eating together. Not because I’m trying to become veggie (again) but because my body is really much happier with less meat.

    Good luck with the new scheme!

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