OMG! You have to read this!

I just read this article on and had to spread the word.  The title caught my eye.  I mean how can you ignore something about pink slime in your burger?  I just can’t believe that they are, and have been, putting this disgusting stuff in our ground beef and not telling us about it!  I’m never eating ground beef again unless I’m sure it’s free of this stuff.

I have been reducing the amount of beef I’ve been consuming period, but this is the final nail in the coffin for ground beef.  Eventually we’ll hopefully be buying our beef from Whole Foods and I’ll be asking them if they use this stuff in it.  I really hope they don’t.  I may even ask at the meat counter of our grocery stores (Meier and Kroger) if they simply grind up the beef or if anything’s added.  If they give me a straightforward answer, then I’ll continue to buy their ground beef.  If not, looks like I need to get a meat grinder.

My biggest problem to overcome is my love of Taco Bell.  Yes, it’s in their ground beef.  Luckily I am a big fan of their chicken and have nothing against their steak.  Which is good because it looks like I’m going to be eating that now.


4 thoughts on “OMG! You have to read this!


    I rarely eat fast-food burgers (maybe a Wendy’s jr bacon cheeseburger once or twice a year) and oboy am i glad. EW EW EW. After reading that article, I might just give up those too.

    It’s absolutely amazing what Americans are sold as ‘safe’ and ‘nutritious’. No wonder we’re all dying of heart disease and cancer.


    1. I know! The thing that really got me was reading the name of the stuff. I realized I knew that it’s used in Taco Bell’s taco meat. I work in the office of a plant that makes the taco meat for part of the country. I feel bad possibly causing a drop in sales, but people have got to know.

      1. There’s no reason to feel bad for helping people be informed; consumers should be able to make their own choices as to what they pay for to put into their bodies.

        This sludge is used in burgers to make them cheaper and more profitable. If people make a stand and stop buying burgers made this way, it might eventually force the manufacturers to take people’s health more seriously then they take profits. And if people are willing to pay the extra for actual food (as opposed to toxic waste sludge) then the sales will balance out again.

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