Finished! The Hours

The Hours coverThis is such an amazing book. So rich in it’s descriptions and narrative. you follow a day in the lives of these three women. Women who all have certain things in common and this small thread that links them.
And then, BAM! The thread is pulled tightly and they become very closely connected. It’s like they all live the same moment, just in different years.

It really makes me want to read Mrs. Dalloway to see how this mirrors it and how they differ.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie!

It’s amazing how you think it’s when Richard kills himself. But it’s after. It’s when you realize that Richard is Richie. Spooky moment.

One thing I can’t help doing is think of the movie while I’m reading. It’s a wonderful movie and does a great job of conveying the story. But the thing that ruins it for me is when Clarissa breaks down. It just feels wrong. It’s Louis who’s supposed to break down. I wish they had gone that way. I think it would have worked, and been better. Also, I like how Laura simply goes to the hotel to read and considers the pills later. Again, it just works better.


The Hours by Michael Cunningham
Rating: 5 stars
SBC: Read a book about an author (biography, memoir, historical fiction)


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