Freddie for a Day

Freddie for a Day is a yearly event that is held on September 5th, the late Freddie Mercury’s birthday, to help raise funds and awareness for The Mercury Phoenix Trust. The Mercury Phoenix Trust was set up in 1992 to “distribute the monies raised from [the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert]” and continues to raise money to help fight AIDS worldwide. People around the world spend the day dressing up as Freddie to raise awareness and raise money for the Trust.

Being the big Queen fan that I am, combined with the fact that I love to cosplay, I have decided to participate this year. This year also happens to be the last day of Dragon*Con, a huge multi-genre convention that my hubby and I will be at. As of right now my plan is to go as a female version of Freddie from their Live Aid Concert by wearing a tank top, jeans, belt, and having the microphone. But if I can raise $500 (311 pounds), I’m going to go out and get a wig and mustache and go as Freddie.

Please go to Just Giving and donate what you can. Even a dollar will make a difference. All of the money goes right to the Trust. All I’m getting out of it is the fun of dressing up as my favorite lead singer and the knowledge that I’m helping others. Please, help me help The Mercury Phoenix and give what you can.

Thank you!


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