Finished! Love Hina Vol. 4

Love Hina Vol. 4 coverSynopsis from Goodreads:

When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he’s officially an unemployed and uneducated slacker. To make things worse, his parents have kicked him out of his house. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata Lodge and has agreed to take Keitaro in as caretaker. What he doesn’t know is that the lodge is actually a girl’s dorm and he’s the only guy around! Most guys would kill to live with five sexy ladies, but if Keitaro’s not careful, this job will kill him.

I really like how this story is going. It’s funny how much Keitaro and Seta are alike. It explains a lot. I’m really looking forward to two things.
First, who the hell is Sarah? He’s said that she shouldn’t call him ‘Papa’, so how do they know each other? And why does she look so much like Naru?
Second, what was Naru about to tell Keitaro? I think she really has feelings for him. Is that it?


Love Hina Vol. 4 by Ken Akamatsu
Rating: 4 stars
SuBC: Read a book that you’ve owned/had on your TBR list for over a year.


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