It’s official

I’m on way too many websites. After seeing yet another person start a Tumblr account, I decided to check it out. Turns out I actually came up with a good reason to have one.

I really enjoy taking pictures. And I’m not too bad at it, at least I think so. I also like to scrapbook, but that is not the cheapest of hobbies, especially when you’re really into cosplay. So I have all these pictures sitting on my computer waiting to be scrapbooked. Then I realized, Tumblr can be like a digital scrapbook.

So I decided to start My Life in Pictures. I am no longer going to upload pictures onto Facebook. They’re all going on the Tumblr and I’m going to set it up so it will say something on Facebook when stuff gets posted. Right now I’m working on putting up all the pictures I took at the Red State U.S.A. Tour. Then I’ll throw up the pics from the 4th of July hanging out with friends. You get the picture. It’s going to be a great place to be able to post lots of pics from trips and events and have them available for linking to from blogs instead of putting up a ton of pictures in a post.

While it’s yet another site, it’s actually going to make my life easier. Yay!


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