Need to regroup

I realized last night that I have completely lost sight of the challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the year. In case you don’t feel like rereading that post (I won’t hold it against you), I set a personal challenge to not buy anything that I don’t actually need. I was doing well for a while, and then at some point, I’m not even sure when, I totally forgot about it.

Lately I have been trying to eat better. At some point I just started going out to get fast food for lunch instead of eating what I packed. This is part of why I thought of it. I have absolutely no reason to go out and get my lunch from a fast food place when I had a perfectly good lunch sitting in the fridge.

But it’s not only my lunch, and my body, that will thank me for this. My wallet and our apartment will as well. I’ve gone back to buying things on a whim instead of seriously considering whether I need it or not. So hopefully I’m going to be back on track.

In the spirit of back on track, I’m also going to try to post here more regularly. For a while I was writing posts up when I thought of them while I was at work and saving them on my flash drive. Never to be seen for weeks. So since I’m trying to focus more on doing work while I’m at work and allow the ideas to simply mull back there in my mind until I get home and post them. So hopefully a lot of things will be doing much better.


One thought on “Need to regroup

  1. Go you for this. I think that we all backslide at times, especially when stuff gets busy or we get absorbed in a new project. It’s just so easy to pay attention to other stuff after a while.

    One thing that I’m starting to do (with mixed results) is keep a few clean re-usable containers in my car so that when I go out to eat on occasion, I use those instead of getting more styrofoam ‘leftover’ containers, which no one needs and I’m not even sure how recyclable they are. They don’t always have recycling symbols on them. I’m trying to keep to ‘1’ and ‘2’ numbered plastics, to minimize any risk of leaching. Glass works great too; I have a few clean empty jars with tightly-fitting lids.

    Why mixed results? Because different dining establishments seem to take my ‘bring-my-own’ container request differently. They’ve all said yes in the end, though. So I’m going to keep doing it.

    Wish me luck!

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